Our Company Philsophy for QUALITY is: Customer satisfaction by supplying excellent products. Consistent with our company Philosophy of "Best Quality, Competitive price and on-time delivery ". I am committed to upholding reputation of our quality in the competitive world market through continuous technological and managerial innovation.  



 World Class Mobile Repair Facility:

* 40 feet mobile workshop for testing, calibration &overhaul of safety relief valves and control valves onsite.

* Different sizes of test benches, lapping M/cs, lathe are housed inside the mobile workshop for versatile operations on site.

* Injection of sealant & lubricant in ball & plug valves can be done on site by high pressure grease pump which builds up to 15,000 psig

* Commissioning & troubleshooting of various types and makes of actuators on site

* In-situ lapping of valves for body and seat areas of gate, globe & check valves are performed using the advanced site lapping equipment.

* Field hydro testing of various types & sizes of valves using mobile test skid, quick filling high-pressure pumps and mobile compressors is our specialty.

* Test benches: state of the art facility designed to perform air & hydro tests on all types & sizes of valves

* High torque equipment: Up to 30,000 NM that can be developed for tightening of bolts and nuts of different sizes.

* Welding & machining: Hard face materials for seat areas like Satellite, Cr Alloys and corrosion resistance materials for body & seat areas like Inconel and SS

* Control valves: OEM trained technicians carry out calibration & diagnostic bench * Testing for various control valves



We have technical back up of our parent company, hence our expertise in valves is shown in our services also. We can manufacture any worn out part at our in-house machine shop that is well equipped with 200 machines, which operates with CNC and DRO for high quality.

* We can attend the repair without spoiling the basic dimensions.

* We have many senior highly skilled technicians with extensive expertise in the Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizer and Petrochemical Industry. All have 10 to 15 years of valve servicing experience.

* All type of valves can be repaired.

* Highly efficient team.

* Team can reach you in 24 hours time after receiving the call.